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Signing up with ACID Life Services means your family will always be covered

Our Symbol

Acacia trees are without a doubt the most iconic trees in Africa (besides baobabs, a close runner-up) and the subject of countless thousands of silhouette photos. This picturesque tree is inextricably linked with vast African savannas and epitomizes the seeming exoticness of the continent​

For Us at ACID Life Services:

The Acacia tree symbolizes resilience, strength and sustainability of our organization.

For Our Members:

Unshaken commitment to excellent service, empathy and a safe habitat during the loss of your loved one

Come rain or sunshine, drought or hailstorms you can always count on ACID Life being there to serve you with respect & dignity and to provide you with the cover you and your family needs when the unthinkable happens.

Just like the plant-it-and-forget-it Acacia tree, sign up for our Prepaid Cover and leave it to us to cover you & your family from a period of 1 – 5 years.


Registered Name: Acid Life Services (South Africa)
Registration Number: K2017/112213/07
Registered Address: 95 First road Kya Sand Johannesburg