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Frequently Asked Questions

Our caring expert team and relationship managers at ACID Life Services are available to assist and answer any personal questions you might have concerning our services as well as assist you with your concerns and queries anytime.

1. What are the waiting periods on this policy?
  1. The waiting period for natural causes is 5 months (ie after the 5th premium is received in the 6th month) from the commencement or reinstatement date of the policy for all Lives Assured.
  2. There is no waiting period for the accidental death of all Assured’s covered on the policy.
  3. The waiting period will differ with certain age groups, as shown below:
    • 0 – 64 (Principal Member & Extended Family) – 5months
    • 65 – 74 years – 9months
    • 75 – 84 years – 12months
    • Suicide – 24months
    • Accidental – Immediately
2. When does the cover start?
When the policy activation fee has been paid and the policy contract signed.
3. Can I add any extended families to my policy?
Yes – You can add anyone you want up to 6 people, this may include uncles, parents, parents-in-laws, anties and may others.
4. Am I able to pay upfront for my policies?
Yes – you are able to pay upfront from a minimum of 2 years – 5 years and you will receive 5% off on today’s prices and no premium increases for the whole duration of your cover; giving you upto 45% discounts.
5. How many children can I add?
You can cover up to 4 children at any one time. Any additional children (more than 4) can be added at a very small premium.
6. How many parents can I add?
You can cover up to 4 parents at any one time. Any additional parents can be added as extended family members.
7. If I only want to cover my family back home, do I have to get cover for myself too, or can I only cover others?
You can nominate any of your extended family member t0 be the policyholder/main life assured and yourself as the paying member.
8. How do I go about making a claim
Claims to be emailed to claims@acidlife.co.za or contact our dedicated Claims help desk on 087 109 1001.
9. What documentation do I need when a death occurs?
  • A fully completed death claim form
  • Original certified copy of the death certificate
  • Certified copy of the deceased ID
  • Certified copy of the beneficiary’s ID
  • Valid Bank account.
10. How will my claim be paid?
All claims will be paid in the currency of the Republic of South Africa. This will be done through any means provided by the policy holder.
11. When will my claim be paid?
All valid claims and burial assists cash claims are processed within 24 to 48 hours.
12. How do I join/take a funeral cover with ACID Life Services?
We have a variety of products available and, all you have to do is to contact our office and a consultant will make an appointment with you.


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